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  Next Meeting:


TUESDAY  1 MAY -   Looking for a challenge and a few laughs.

Are you ready for a little bit of fun and competition?

Come and play with us.   We have board games, card games, darts and lawn bowles.  Also Raffles and tasty refreshments.  Its a great way to spend a chilly evening and make new friends.

Scrabble to Snakes and Ladders or if you have a favourite bring it along we will play with you.   

Caulfield Park Sports Club, 280 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield North  at  6:30pm

Booking now on our website; Night




Latest News:

We are proud to announce that  Club Member,  Alan Samuel OAM has offered to be our President for 2018-19. 

Congratulations Alan, we look forward to working with you and moving our club forward.




From Rotary Plus, Zone 5 - Newsletter from RC PDG Rajendra Rai, issue 7, Jan-March 2018,      Courtesy: RI

Myth 1: 'Rotary is only for business Networking'

While Rotary was in fact founded as a professional move, its purpose has always been centered on service to the community and in fact the world. Both the personal and professional contact you will undoubtedly make, are just a wonderful side benefit of joining Rotary.

Myth 2: 'Rotary is Distant old boys club'

There was a day, when Rotary was comprised of just local Business men. But that was long ago. Here's the bottom line: We're simply looking for high character men and women in our community who want to serve and change lives.

Myth 3: 'Rotary is Expensive'

Actually, Rotary membership fees vary from club to club, community to community.

Myth 4: 'If I can't make the meetings, I can't be in Rotary'

Rotary is about serving. If you want to help us serve the community but just can't get to regular meetings, your local club will absolutely find a way for you to participate.

Myth 5: 'I just don't have time to be a Rotarian'

Do you or your business have two hours per month to contribute to the community? We can show you some reasonable goals and examples of how to get yourself involved in Rotary, inside of your busy schedule.

Come Join Rotary. Don't let these myths stand in your way.

Start your Rotary journey of service right now; because the World needs Rotary and Rotary needs you.