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Next Meeting: Tuesday; 22nd May, 2018


This Week's Guests: Martin Verhoeven - Behind the Badge


Chairman:     Roberto Ortiz


at 6:30pm at German Club Tivoli, 291 Dandenong Road, Windsor


Admission $30 inc Dinner or $10 attendance onlyDrinks are available at bar prices.

Last Week:     Lionel Kats - Told us about his experiences as an Umpire in the Amateur league for over 20 years.

VAFA’s umpires ensure the integrity of the game and provide a forum where players’ skills, team dynamics, passion and

dedication determine game outcomes. The VAFA also promotes respect for umpires at all times.

The umpires ensure the game is played in a fair manner and a spirit of true sportsmanship.   Where possible in a contact sport,

the also endeavour to prevent injuries to players participating in the mate.


Saturday,  26th May.   Don't forget our Jewellery Party

Jewellery Party
May 26, 2018, 2:00 pm to May 26, 2018, 4:00 pm

A beautiful collection of jewellery will be for sale by Fifth Avenue Jewellery.  This is a great opportunity to update your accessories for the next season or add some bling to your favourite scarf this winter.   Let me know if you would like to come along.




June 26th.  Club Change Over.  

Club Changeover
June 26, 2018, 6:15 pm to June 26, 2018, 8:00 pm

Today we welcome our new Club President,  Alan Samuel OAM JP.



29th May 


June 3rd. 

District 9800 Change Over
June 3, 2018, 11:30 am to June 3, 2018, 3:00 pm

Let's celebrate together with lots of fun.  Featuring The Barking Dogs


Prevention Week 14-16 May 2018

Prevention week is to raise awareness across the world about the harms associated with dependence on prescription medication. Substance abuse is prevalent in local communities and this week advocates a campaign dedicated to preventing death or mental illness that result from it. According to AIHW, 90 per cent of Australians could not identify the warning signs of opioid painkiller dependence and 50 per cent of Australians did not know that codeine or paracetamol can be addictive. What is lacking in both these cases? Education and awareness around the issue.

 Anyone can become addicted to medication. It can be difficult for people prescribed medication to stop or cut down their use of even if they don’t have a need for them anymore and it can be found just as difficult to cease use for those using it for non-medical purposes. Losing control is possible for both non-medical and medical use, and a tough problem to tackle in any case.

 It is important to note that although dependence or addiction can be a reality for anyone, there are a few factors that may increase your likelihood. This includes a family history of drug problems or addiction, suffering from an illness or injury that results in chromic pain whether it is short-term or long-term, as well as undiagnosed or undertreated mental health problems.

 Signs and symptoms include:

Dependence to get through social situations

·      Participating in dangerous behaviour as a result

·      Relationships problems (romantic and non-romantic)

·      Increase in tolerance (Need more of the substance to feel the same effects)

·      Neglecting roles and responsibilities (work, family, other commitments)

·      Physical health problems (anxiety, depression, paranoia)


 What should I do I show some/all these signs and symptoms?

 The first thing to do is recognise and accept that you have a problem. Seeking help can be difficult, however recovery is only going to be harder if you do it alone. Seek professional help if you need accelerated advice or talk to your family and friends if you need emotional love and support. There are hundreds of help lines, programs and centres that you can visit to get professional help in dealing with your substance abuse. Don’t be disheartened if you have set backs along the way, this is normal and all part of the recovery process. Be kind to yourself and stay motivated, you are never alone on the journey.

 Be proactive and join in the fight against prescription dependence as a killer.

Prescription abuse facts sourced from Scriptwise and Lifeline. 

That's about it for this week.

See you on Tuesday.




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