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                                                                                                   Next Meeting: Tuesday; 11th September, 2018


at 6:30pm at German Club Tivoli, 291 Dandenong Road, Windsor.        Admission $30 inc Dinner or $10 attendance only. Drinks are available at bar prices.


Last Week:                   Jacqui Snider - Conversational Intelligence- More than just words…

Conversations are not always what we think they are. We’ve grown up believing in a narrow view of conversations, thinking they are about expressing thoughts, observations and opinions. Many see conversations as “persuasion” or “getting others to think the way I think.”

Conversational Intelligence is about closing the gaps between your reality and mine. Conversational Intelligence begins with trust.

Every conversation has a physiological impact. As we converse, neurochemicals are released in our brains, making us feel either good or bad, strong or weak, positive or negative, energetic or enervated. Feel-good conversations keep the blood flowing, the energy pumping, and light up our ability to see the world in new ways.

With Conversational Intelligence, you can know which conversations trigger lower-level brain activity - such as primitive instincts for fight, flight, freeze and appeasement - and which ones spark higher-level brain activity, such as trust, integrity, strategic thinking, empathy, and the ability to process complex situations.

You can pay attention to what is going on in others and manifest empathy. The other person will feel that positive neural connection and cooperate. We are wired with mirror neurons that pick up signals in others' brains. When we approach people with empathy, the mirror neurons in their brains synch with our own, and they feel understood and open to our influence.

In one-on-one conversations, make a conscious effort to speak less and listen more. The more you learn about other peoples' perspectives, the more likely you are to feel empathy for them. And when you do that for others, they'll want to do it for you, creating a virtuous circle.

Suicide Prevention Day - 9th September.

Suicide Prevention Australia is calling on all Australians to help prevent suicide this World Suicide Prevention Day, by starting a conversation that matters.

Suicide and suicidal behaviour arise from complex social, situational, biological and other individual causes, which isolate people and erode their hope. Understanding risk and protective factors for different groups and environments is vital to effective response.

Suicide prevention is ‘everyone’s business’, whether it is directed towards individuals at high risk, communities and groups at potential risk, or the whole of the population.


          Lili’s Page

Hello again! Here is an update of our projects over the past few weeks. We have divided our projects into two categories: 

Projects in motion: These are our projects that are in place and happening.

Projects in planning: These are new projects which are in the planning stage. We have completed step 1, having initial discussions with stakeholders, and are now in the process of drilling down, looking at needs, then working to develop a strategy in partnership to meets those needs and implement a community based project.

Projects in motion - In detail

Nourish  -   Our involvement with this project has been in place for a few months now. We continue to be involved on a regular basis and our two club Nourish dates are: Monday 8 October and Monday 10 December.     I will check in with all our club volunteers as it draws closer to these dates.

Rotary Club of Glen Eira FoodBankOur FoodBank is functioning smoothly and has been officially in place since 1 August. 

A very big thank you to Alan, Martin and John Leske and John Lord for volunteering and assisting in the collection of food staples from our donor organizations. Your assistance is so important, and helps in the smooth running of our FoodBank.

I am happy to report the 10th Caulfield Scouts Club is now officially on board as a donor organization. We attended a scout meeting last week where Mr Andrew Milnes, coordinator at Sacred Heart Mission was guest speaker and addressed the scouts to raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness in our area. It was wonderful to bring the different entities together under a common cause! The scouts posed some interesting questions and their responsiveness to being a donor organization is overwhelming. This week, at their meeting, we are presenting them with a Certificate of Appreciation from our club.

Samaritan Purse - Our involvement with this project is through the Caulfield Evangelical Church, who are a staunch supporter of our FoodBank, donating bags of staples weekly.   We assisted in their packing day on Tuesday 28 August to pack boxes of gifts and clothing to be sent to children overseas.  It was a great session - as I was packing the boxes I was imagining the children’s delight, opening their box to find new toys, books and clothing!

The next packing day is Tuesday 25 September.

St. John’s Malvern  - St. John’s church is another of our FoodBank donor organizations and they also provide weekly lunches for people experiencing homelessness in the area.

We are volunteering in this program and have three shifts locked in over the next few months.  The lunches are held on Fridays, at their premises in Finch Street, Malvern, and if anyone has the time to join me, let me know and we can do it together.

Sacred Heart MissionWe are now assisting SHM at one of their Op shops - thank you to Joan who has completed the first shift.   Our shifts are four hours, (although can be less if needed), at the Windsor Op shop, held on the second Friday of the month.   Again, if you have the time, come along and volunteer for 2-4 hours and give back to the community! 

Walk in the Park  -  Club members are being sponsored to walk 2 laps of Caulfield Park in support of our Drought Affected Farmers.   We have already completed one walk and donated over $460 to Aussie Helpers Drought Relief.  The next will be on Sunday 23 September  and then again on Sunday  28th October.   Everyone is welcome to come and encourage our walkers and/or  enjoy a coffee and a chat at Uffizzi Cafe when they finish.


Projects in planning - In detail

*     Rotary Club of Glen Eira Mentor Team

Stage 1:    We have discussed with the assistant principal, at Glen Eira College, Aaron Peterson about partnering with the College to provide a mentoring program for students in the areas of numeracy, literary, debating skills and interview techniques.   He is keen to develop this and will be discussing with the College personnel about strategies to be put in place.

This is a really great opportunity for our club to be involved in a long term community project, helping kids of different ages and cultural backgrounds.    Within our club we have a range of skills and expertise which can be accessed to help and mentor young people, and I’m really excited about this new project. 

*      Partnership with Caulfield Bowls

Stage 1:     We have had discussions with Caulfield Bowls with the view of:

Their aim, which is to increase their visibility within the community and offer more to the community .    How we can utilize their facilities more.  Also, they are developing a program with Fr Bob Maguire to work with young people - we can be involved on their open day to assist, maybe run a BBQ,  play board games, and also provide mentoring and confidence building to their group of young people.

One suggestion was that they subsequently, join us at our BBQs so they can develop in areas of responsibility and self confidence.

More to come on these project as we progress!

So, it’s been a busy time. Lots of fun. Extremely rewarding! Please let me know if you have some time, hidden up your sleeve, to assist in any of the above projects.



PS: Thanks everyone for responding to my call for help re extra containers and tubs. In his speech at the breakfast last week, Ian Risely said that one of the things about good people being in Rotary was the friendship element and you could turn to the club for assistance. 

He was right! Thank you everyone!

Have you got some spare time on Friday  14th September?

Its our Club's first official day as volunteers at the Sacred Heart Op Shop  at  82 Chapel Street, Windsor between 10am and 2 pm.   Why not come along and see what we can do the help out at this busy store.   You may even grab a bargain!

A suggestion from Max

At our last meeting on Tuesday 28th August, I spoke about a possible project on the topic of "War on Waste." This is related to the current local ABC television program, presented by Craig Reucassel, titled "War on Waste" and how our society is grossly abusing our environment, by creating enormous amounts of waste, the production and disposal of which is completely out of control, and which we simply cannot afford to ignore.

The TV program demonstrates the public attitude of just throwing away the end products of our daily living, the huge drain on resources of production of packaging, and the inadequacy of disposal and recycling methods.

Consumers who wish to change their consumption habits and protect the environment are overwhelmed by the inadequacy or absence of practical supportive measures eg plastic bags are still being produced in enormous amounts and businesses are reluctant to encourage customers to refrain from their use; Packaging is so often not needed, yet it continues to be used;

Unfortunately, individuals are not able to solve the problem of disposal of many items, such as used or broken furniture, tyres, paint tins, old electronics, white goods, old TV's. etc. 

However at our individual level we can develop our own methods such as avoidance of plastics in the use of bags, wrapping, and objecting to items pre-packed; School lunches put into lunch boxes (unwrapped); use of hessian or jute carry bags for supermarkets; avoid plastic water bottles; use glass jars for storage; Composting when possible.

My proposal  is to initiate a community based group consisting of local Rotary clubs, schools, and other community groups. By creating local interest at the school level, benefits can be seen by a young age group (who have most to gain from a change in attitude).

I have noted Kiama High school NSW is included in the ABC program, and it features a school involvement. I am presently trying to obtain details of their involvement. Please read this, and discuss with me.  It is a huge topic, but very worthwhile if we can become involved.


Rotary - People of Action...

Rotarian Action Groups help Rotary clubs and districts plan and carry out community development and humanitarian service projects in their area of expertise.


Rotary Action Group for Family Safety

Families should be safe, and we should all feel safe in ours and our neighbours' families, and in our local community.

By sharing ideas and experiences, Rotary Clubs worldwide can begin to change perceptions of what is safe - and what sorts of behaviour are normal and acceptable; and which are not.

Our  Action Group provides pathways to resources and organisations: partners of Rotary Clubs who can assist families to break the cycle of family violence and invest in family safety.

Find our more


This Week's Guests: John Glass - Brought up in a convent


Chairman: Basil Ornellas

Toast:     Club - Marion Lau              Australia – Garry Fabian

Attendance/Menu: Jack Dimand       Set Up and Clean Up: Carla Ortiz


Don't forget to bring in the stamps received on your mail. This will be an ongoing project with proceeds going to Rotary Multi District Trachoma Project. We will have a collection box at the meetings.

That's about it for this week.      See you on Tuesday.





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