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 Hello friend                                                                     Next Meeting: Tuesday; 18h September, 2018


at 6:30pm at German Club Tivoli, 291 Dandenong Road, Windso.    Admission $30 inc Dinner or $10 attendance only.    Drinks are available at bar prices.

Last Week:            John Glass - Born in a monastery

The monastery of St Ottilien in Bavaria is an unlikely setting for the powerful story - not just a story of cruelty, but one of hope of involving extraordinary Jewish people following the 1945 liberation of Dachau. John Glass was the 424th baby of the 428 children born at the monastery after the end of the war. He told us about how his parents survived the camps and found shelter and each other in the monastery.

John also gave us a brief history on the catholic monastery which had been closed by the Nazis. The monks were either sent to the eastern front, or set to work as slave labourers on the monastery farm and in the military hospital that was set up there.

Until April 1945, as the American army advanced deep into Germany, 3,500 mostly Jewish prisoners were moved from Kaufering, a sub-camp of Dachau. They were loaded on to a train heading for the Italian/Austrian border, where they were to build the defences for the Nazis’ last stand. Not far from St Ottilien, the train was strafed by US fighter planes. Ammunition in the sidings blew up, and in the confusion the SS who were guarding the prisoners fled.

Among the 800 people left alive on the train was Zalman Grinberg, a 33-year-old physician from Lithuania. He knew the prisoners had little chance of survival if they stayed in the open, so quickly gathered about 50 of the heavily wounded prisoners together and, with the help of an American colonel, led them to safety in the monastery. Dr Grinberg, posing as a Red Cross official, commandeered part of the monastery and it became later became a DP (Displaced Persons) Hospital.

In May 1948, the Jewish Hospital St. Ottilien was dissolved. Most of the patients and the medical staff moved to other hospitals.

In the gardens of St Ottilien there are two cemetries, one Catholic and one Jewish. The latter has small metal gates adorned with the Star of David.

Earlier this year John Glass attended the Opening of the Exhibition “'The Benedictine Monastery and its Jewish History 1945-48'' and a Symposium with the same topic. Many participants 'were personally related to the Hospital or even born there.

It's time to kick off this year's toy drive with 2 new projects.

Can you donate a toy or organise a toy drive at your workplace?

We gratefully accept new toys for boys and girls aged from new-born to 13 years.

Need some ideas choosing a toy?  Here's some suggestions: 
Sporting equipment, board games, iTunes gift cards, toy cars / trucks, dolls, Play Doh, Lego / building sets, magic sand, textured balls, arts and craft sets, colouring pencils / texta colours,

colouring books, educational games and books, story books, soft toys, activity sets.


Samaritan Purse   -  The next packing day is Tuesday 25 September.

Our involvement with this project is through the Caulfield Evangelical Church, who are  supportesr of our FoodBank.

Assist in packing  boxes of new toys, books and clothing to be sent to children overseas.    Donations are also accepted.

    Rotarian Action Group Against Slavery   


    CAMBODIA AND THAILAND      3-13 February 2019

The Mekong region sees mass migration of people from rural areas to city and from poorer countries to middle economies such as Thailand. They migrate in hope of a better future for themselves and their families. Often, they are seeking employment or education. In this context, human traffickers can exploit these hopes and dreams and many end up in unimaginable situations of exploitation.

Our trip begins in Phnom Penh in Cambodia where we will visit with organisations who are engaged in the prevention of human trafficking. We then experience the tranquillity of Siem Reap where we visit Angkor Wat – the 7th Wonder of the World and meet with NGO’s providing alternative employment for those vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation as a result of the tourist industry. Our next destination is Bangkok,

Thailand where we will have a cooking class with the world famous Khun Poo, see work amongst women and men in the notorious red-light districts and engage with the slavery being faced in the Thai fishing


This trip is jointly organised by the Rotarian Action Group Against Savery (RAGAS) and STOP THE TRAFFIK.

Contact: Fuzz Kitto or Tony Stokes

Rotary - People of Action...

Rotary Fellowships are groups whose members share a common interest in recreational activities, sports, hobbies, or professions.

To foster among Rotarians and their spouses mutual appreciation and awareness of cooking, and enjoying, the fine foods of all countries.

To encourage and foster among Rotarians and their spouses a better understanding and appreciation of good wines of all countries as they apply to the enjoyment of fine foods.

To assist in the relief of hunger in times of distress among all people of the world through the donation of food to such needy countries.   

To promote among Rotarians and their friends. through the exchange of recipes, the awareness of fine foods of different countries and an opportunity to meet each other over fine foods and wines. 

To enhance the enjoyment of dining through an awareness and knowledge of decoration and presentation of fine food.        he  Find our more


Don't forget to bring in the stamps received on your mail. This will be an ongoing project with proceeds going to Rotary Multi District Trachoma Project. We will have a collection box at the meetings.


This Week          No Speaker -  Casual evening in the Restaurant for members and friends.


That's about it for this week.   See you on Tuesday.





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