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   DISTRICT 9800
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 Hello friend  

                                                                                                    Next Meeting: Tuesday; 2nd October, 2018


at 6:30pm at German Club Tivoli, 291 Dandenong Road, Windsor.              Admission $30 inc Dinner or $10 attendance only. Drinks are available at bar prices.


Last Week at Glen Eira Rotary:        

Club ForumIt is important that you choose your 5 preferences (by marking 1-5 in order of priority) of both the attractors and detractors sides of the form and return your selections to Lili and Alan at your earliest opportunity to help them develop the next stage of their 1 page plan.

RYLA Applicant -  We got to meet Amy Leong who is being sponsored by our club to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Camp at Mt. Evelyn at the end of the year. Amy is going to have a great experience and make some new friends so we will hear about her adventures in the New Year.

Visitor  -  A hearty welcome to Dan Paviabey who came along to check us out and meet our members.   We hope you enjoyed the evening and found our club interesting. We look forward to seeing you again.

Max's Idea:  We had a brain storming session with Max regarding his War on Waste Project. It was suggested that we look at a data base which co-ordinates all of the different organisations/clubs in the Glen Eira vacinity who are currently trying to clean up our suburbs individually and then establishing a programme which can utilise all these resourses to the best advantage. Max is also going to do some investigations as to what services are currently available and the Glen Eira council's commitment to recycling.




Save the date:      

Monday 8th October - In conjunction with Nourish, our club has made a commitment to provide meals in Alma Park for anyone who needs help.  Please meet at Temple Beth Israel on Alma Road by 5;15pm.  Gate will be open for carparking.  Contact Lili on arrival to open doors. 


Tuesday 9th October – No meeting as we will be collection for Aust. Rotary Health “Lift the Lid on Mental Illness” at Caulfield Train Station from 4:30 – 8pm. 


All club members should endeavour to attend both these events.


It's time to kick off this year's toy drive.                              

Can you donate a toy or organise a toy drive at your workplace?

We gratefully accept new toys for boys and girls aged from new-born to 13 years.

Need some ideas choosing a toy?  Here's some suggestions: 
Sporting equipment, board games, iTunes gift cards, toy cars / trucks, dolls, Play Doh, Lego / building sets, magic sand, textured balls, arts and craft sets, colouring pencils / texta colours, colouring books, educational games and books, story books, soft toys, activity sets.

As the Football season draws to an end your team may be off the ladder – but there’s no reason you should come off it!   

Every year in Victoria, over 2,600 people are hospitalised as a result of falling from a ladder at home. Men aged 60 years and older are most likely to suffer serious injuries from a ladder fall – so this year don’t become a statistic.

A fall of 1 to 2 meters can be enough to cause broken bones, spinal cord damage, severe brain injury or even death however ladder falls are preventable. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of the ladder:

* Use only ladders that meet the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 1892) – pay attention to safety warnings – don’t climb too high.

* Check that your ladder is in good working order; ensure it is free of rust, has non-slip safety feet, and if safety locks and braces are in place – use them!

* Don’t use a ladder with missing or loose parts, or if it is bent or warped – wobbly ladders should be retired to the bench.

* Ensure the ladder is level and positioned on a firm, dry surface – check out the state of the ground and that nothing slippery is near the base or top contact points.

* Never put the ladder on top of other objects to gain extra height. Choose a ladder that is the right height for the job.

* Maintain three points of contact at all times while on the ladder. Use two hands when climbing. When using a tool, make sure both feet and your other hand are secure on the ladder.

* Wear slip-resistant shoes.

* Work within your arm’s reach and avoid leaning out – it is much safer to get down and readjust the ladder. So don’t be lazy – re-position and keep the game in play.

* Have someone hold the ladder while you climb – great team work can save the day.

* Avoid using a ladder during hot days to prevent getting dizzy and losing balance.

* Work within your limits and make sure another person is at home while you are working with a ladder, should you need help. It is a good idea to have another person to help hold the ladder, to prevent it from slipping.

Rotary - People of Action...

Rotarian Action Groups help Rotary clubs and districts plan and carry out community development and humanitarian service projects in their area of expertise.


We are members of the Rotary community and we have created this RAG to engage our Rotarian friends in eradicating viral hepatitis worldwide. Our goals are to: spread information about the disease, raise funds for mass testing for the hepatitis C virus, conduct awareness campaigns, and eliminate the virus on a global scale.

About hepatitis

Viral hepatitis is a threat to all and needs to be given top priority.

Hepatitis is so dangerous because it is a silent killer. Many people do not show clear, discernible symptoms, and as a result are not diagnosed and may continue to spread the virus to others. Only about 9% of people with hepatitis B and 20% of people with hepatitis C have been diagnosed. Then, far too few people who are diagnosed receive the treatment they need. Without treatment, the virus can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and other deadly complications.


Don't forget to bring in the stamps received on your mail. This will be an ongoing project with proceeds going to Rotary Multi District Trachoma Project. We will have a collection box at the meetings.

This Week's Guests: David Southwick

Chairman:           Geoff Asher

Toast:                Club - Larry Blode                 Australia – Martin Verhoeven

Attendance/Menu:     Max Sherlock                 Set Up and Clean Up: Mark Preston



That's about it for this week.

See you on Tuesday.




Thanks to our Sponsors:-

     Archer Technolog Group

     Blake Street Bridge Club

     Caulfield Park Sports Club

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