LIFT THE LID on mental illness

Australia now faces some very stark mental health statistics, including:

One in two people will suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime

One in five suffers from a mental illness in any given year

50% of mental illness occurs before the age of 14

More hours are lost through mental illness in the workplace than any other factor


From 2017 for at least three years, Lift the Lid on Mental Illness will become the principal fund raising initiative for Australian Rotary Health. As the largest non-government funder of mental health research, we are committed to help create a happier, healthier Australia. The Lift the Lid campaign will take place during the first 10 days in October, culminating on the 10th, World Mental Health Day. Our aim is to raise $20 million by 2020 from the general public and businesses, with support from our Rotary Clubs and Rotarians, and so significantly increase the numbers of researchers we can fund.


Please visit the Australian Rotary Health website which will give more detail into our research activities and programs. Financially, we maintain a corpus from which our investments achieve an income which covers staff costs and all operating expenses. This allows us to continue giving 100% of all our donations to our research programmes.

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