Join us at our next Zoom meeting on Tuesday 4th August.

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Password   RCGE

Our speaker will be   Nyahok Kim.   Her topic Diversity and Inclusion from the African community

Nyahok Kim, is a mother of 3, and migrated to Australia as a teenager with her parents and siblings 18 years ago. She could not speak a single word of English when she arrived, and had very little primary school education in South Sudan. She lived in Egypt for 2.5 years before migrating to Australia, and had to learn English here in Australia. She obtained her higher education here and is working now. 


Chairman                      Roberto Ortiz

Toast to Club                Marion Lau

Toast to Australia      Basil Ornellas


August is Membership & New Club Development Month. 

Welcome.....It's great to have you on board.
We would like to welcome,  Arnold Sackville as a member our our Club. 
We look forward to meeting you again in person and working with you on our projects.

Rotary People in Action


Even while in isolation, our local Rotary Clubs continue to serve the community.


Collecting Tags from your loaves of bread can make a difference!

These pesky little pieces of plastic usually go into landfill and because of their small size are particularly dangerous to wildlife. They are made of high impact polystyrene (type 6 plastic) which is denser than many other types of plastic, making them compact. Because of their small size, our recycler in Robe can skip the shredding stage of his process, going straight to melting and extruding the plastic. Also, unlike most other plastic waste, bread tags are usually clean.


All bread tags collected in Australia are currently being recycled locally. Bread tags are not turned into wheelchairs. The recyclers make a donation to us for the tags and these donations fund the wheelchairs.


Anyone can collect at home, work, school etc. All you need to do is get a jar and throw your tags in, or print off some of our labels and signs to collect at work or school. Also, think of asking places where lots of bread and rolls are used such as your local café, child care centre, nursing home, hospital or school canteen. When it suits you, contact us or drop your accumulated bread tags off at one of our collection points.

Create your own virtual meeting background

Use the template in the Brand Centre to create your own club-branded virtual meeting background. It’s easy to us and takes a few minutes to create. Go to, click on Materials and then Club Resources to find the virtual meeting template, along with all of our Rotary-branded backgrounds.


Are You Up To the Challenge?

A very simple way that all Rotarians can help raise our public image is to always wear your Rotary Lapel Pin. (And yes, your old blue and gold pin is still ok to use!)

The PI Coordinator team issue you a challenge—to wear your pin each day for 30 days. Why not start on 1st August and plan to wear it everyday for the whole month!

Female members can opt to wear earrings in lieu of the pin, if preferred.

The belief is that if you wear it to 30 days straight, you will continue to wear it every day.

Let us know how you get on:

ClubRunner Mobile

Want to know more about Public Images

Then—Ask the Panel!

If you have a question about public image that you need explaining, join us for a special Q&A Zoom meeting to get some answers. This will be held on Sunday, 30th August at 1pm AEST.

Representatives from the Zone 8 Public Image team will be available to help answer your questions.

Register your interest by contacting and the link will be forwarded to you.


Rotary is Fun.

Have you seen this movie  yet watch from home show your support.

Keep well and stay safe until next we meet.
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