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Excellent leadership is essential to our future in a complex and fast changing world.

Rotary has excellent training programs, whereby potential leaders can gain extra knowledge and understanding.

June was a very busy month for Rotarians Worldwide with the Convention and Club Change Overs
9800 District Change Over - New LeadershipTeam
Our Club Change Over -  President Lili  leads us for another year.
For the first time we have a virtual Rotary International Convention.
Coming up in July

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Rotary’s Centenary is a time of celebration! It is a time to reflect on our past, and take pride in all that has been achieved. It is time we play our part in the history of Rotary.

Our Centenary is also the time to lay the foundations for our future, as we still have much to do. The key project in our Centenary year will focus on stopping the one in 16 children who die in 9 Pacific nations before the age of five.

We invite you to join Rotarians across Australia on Friday, 10 July for virtual fellowship, as well as meet our R100 Centenary Ambassadors, the Governor-General and Mrs Hurley, as they launch our national centenary campaign. By joining us, you will witness the β€œPassing the Baton” ceremony. The baton that will carry the symbols of our centenary and will travel far and wide across Rotary clubs and Districts.

We ask too for your support in helping us raise funds for our R100 Centenary project, 'Rotary Give Every Child a Future'; saving young lives in Pacific nations.

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Bread Tags for Wheel Chairs

These pesky little pieces of plastic usually go into landfill and because of their small size are particularly dangerous to wildlife. They are made of high impact polystyrene (type 6 plastic) which is denser than many other types of plastic, making them compact. Because of their small size, our recycler in Robe can skip the shredding stage of his process, going straight to melting and extruding the plastic. Also, unlike most other plastic waste, bread tags are usually clean.


All bread tags collected in Australia are currently being recycled locally. Bread tags are not turned into wheelchairs. The recyclers make a donation to us for the tags and these donations fund the wheelchairs.


Anyone can collect at home, work, school etc. All you need to do is get a jar and throw your tags in, or print off some of our labels and signs to collect at work or school. Also, think of asking places where lots of bread and rolls are used such as your local cafΓ©, child care centre, nursing home, hospital or school canteen. When it suits you, contact us or drop your accumulated bread tags off at one of our collection points.

Give a damm........Give a can

Tight economic conditions over the last few months has seen a drop off in charitable donations and critical food shortages are being experienced.

Can you help boost our Food Bank to supply essential items those in need during winter. Just leave bags of non-perishable foods next to your letterboxes for collection by volunteers.

Contact us to arrange for one of our members to collect your donation.

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